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Zoom-Be 3


About Zoom-Be 3

Following on from previous installments, here's the latest sequel to a cooperative journey, in which you guide two zombie friends through challenging stages and solve problems they face along the way. story of previous versions. Go. ZOOM-BE 3 can be completed successfully if you collect all the stars and avoid being caught by the guards. For added fun, be sure to wear all your existing skin tones and accessories.

Main content in Zoom-Be 3

Zoom and Be are two funny best friends. Both are humble boys who are taken advantage of by evil uncles, who then force them to do cruel experiments. There will be a lot of difficulty and adventure for the boys when they become zombies. They constantly hide in the streets after escaping from the lab, where new challenges and difficulties await them. It's not that easy, but our friends still long to return to their human form. What's next for Zoom and Be? You will learn when completing the stages of this game.

The game starts with simple puzzles and situations. But as the rounds progress, both the situations and the puzzles become much more difficult. Don't forget to take advantage of the unique talents of each man. Be can jump high and dodge skillfully, while Zoom can penetrate solid fences. Because of their natural talent, the two boys form a cohesive and adaptable team. However, to overcome obstacles, acceptable control is required.

How to play Zoom-Be 3?

You can control the operation of both characters at the same time with the joystick. Heroes will need your help to navigate the area and get various items. Your zombies will have to overcome a number of traps and obstacles that they encounter on the way. The entrance to the next level of Zoom-Be 3 will open once all the items have been collected. The zombies must be led through them by you.

Specific controls

  • Move = Arrow keys A/D or Left/Right
  • Jump = W or Up arrow key
  • Kick = S or Down arrow key
  • Start level again = CHEAP

Main function

  • The game has a fascinating storyline.
  • 2 player game.
  • Complete many levels.
  • Attractive and interesting gameplay.