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Traffic Tour


Information about the game Traffic Tour

Play this extremely realistic driving and racing game that will put you in an exciting competition, moving quickly through congested roads will earn you extra points. Brand new unlimited tank racing game called Traffic Tour will take your driving simulation to a whole new level. This racing game is one of the best free car games thanks to its beautiful visuals and fan-friendly features.

Before you start, select the media you want to use, and then turn on the features you want to add. To unlock new features like more power, higher speed and stronger brakes, you can use the coins you already have or watch some paid ads to get more coins.


  • Real racing experience, attractive graphics.
  • In the multiplayer race against other players, choose your best racing vehicle.
  • Participate in 100 different online quests and earn rewards by beating your opponents.
  • Separate game mode.

Driver Manual

  • Press W = forward
  • Press D = Right
  • Press L = Left
  • Press S = Toggle Brake
  • Press ESC = Back

Some note

  • By collecting additional Blueprints in infinite mode, you can unlock new vehicles.
  • Overtaking cars in traffic at over 100 km/h can help you earn more points and money.
  • Earn extra coins while in endless mode.
  • Driving in opposite directions will increase your chances of success and your bankroll.