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Slow Roads


About Slow Roads

Playing this driving game online in your browser is quite light and fun. The creator of the game, Twitter user handle anslo, shared it. Contrary to other car related games on the market, Slow Roads can give you a peaceful driving experience in just a few minutes, allowing you to unpack without worrying about too many intricate details. complex.

You will be able to manage your car speed and navigate the driving environment in this free online game. You have the option of setting a speed limit or cruise speed, which will cause the car to move forward at that speed continuously. To enjoy the ride and not have to focus on the road, you can turn on autopilot.

This is not a racing game, but simply you drive on the road and experience. There are no obstacles in your way or difficult roads or there are many other people on the road, simply get in the car and control it to move as you want.

Slow Roads game controls

  • WASD = driving
  • Space = handbrake
  • R = revive
  • Mouse = settings

Features of the game

  • The gameplay is stimulating and satisfying with a realistic experience.
  • Endless driving.
  • Responsive control with optional auto mode.
  • Customizable 3D graphics look great even on lower presets.