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Fight with other players

Venge.io creates a thrilling playground for many players around the world. To win, the player needs to complete the required tasks. Grab the gun now!

Find more about maps and game modes in Venge.io

  • XIBALA and SIERRA: They are the game's two capture-the-point maps. You will be required to stand above an objective that will randomly appear on the map every thirty seconds to earn points and experience. They enable you to unlock special skills. You can also earn points by eliminating opponents.
  • MISTLE: The objective of this team escort map is to transport a wagon on rails to the destination. In order to shift the wagon to one side or the other, the two teams will compete.
  • TUNDRA: There is a Deathmatch mode on this map. Gaining ranks and killing as many enemies as possible will be the goal. A weapon is unlocked at each rank.

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  • WASD to move
  • Spacebar to jump
  • R to reload
  • E to do a melee attack
  • F to throw items
  • B to buy
  • Shift or RMG to focus
  • H to dance
  • Enter to chat
  • Hold B to turn cards
  • LMB to shoot.