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Tennis Masters


Enjoy the game Tennis Masters

Prepare to become a court legend in Tennis Masters! To score, grab your tennis racquet and get ready to swing it around. Take on a friend and compete against them, or join a tournament to win!

It's time for a tournament that will be remembered for a very long time! In this exciting game, winning every match is your ultimate goal. You can experiment with different game modes. Want some quick entertainment? Choose a short match, then try to beat the computer. Want to test your friends' mettle and prove your superiority? Choose the 2 player game option and prove to them who is the king of the tennis court.

Perhaps you are in a competitive mood? Why not compete in the event and give your all to win? In this game, there are many interesting activities. Power-ups can also be obtained in each game! You should use the ball to hit them to collect them because they appear at the top of the grid. With these powers, nothing can stop you from freezing your opponents or engulfing your ball in flames!

How to play Tennis Masters

The game can be played in single player or 2 player mode.

Control 1 player:

  • Use AD or left and right arrows.
  • Use W or up arrow to jump.
  • Use X or L to hit.
  • Use Z or K to smash

Control 2 players:

  • Use AD KEY to move player number 1, use left and right arrows to move player number 2.
  • Use W for player number 1 to jump, and use the up arrow for player number 2.
  • Use the V key for player number 1 and use the L key for player number 2.
  • Use B to hit the ball for player number 1 and use the K key for player number 2.