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Super Mario Run


Super Mario Run is an addictive game with a combination of running and jumping. Take part in different game modes and take on the challenges of the game.

What is Super Mario Run Game?

It is a cross-platform video game released by Nintendo in 2016 for iOS and later Android. Nintendo developed and distributed the game. Help the famous Italian plumber escape from the burning castle and get all the money by cooperating with him. Bowser's castle was burned down by a plumber. What is the most challenging aspect of the video game Super Mario? That's right, you shouldn't let yourself get sucked into nothingness.

Your mission in the game

In this video game, the famous plumber Mario will return with beautiful 3D graphics. It is essential that you assist him in jumping and assist him to jump twice onto the following platforms without falling. A new surprise outfit can be unlocked every time you collect enough coins. This is an amazing classic game, so you'd better use all your talents if you want to win this thrilling adventure.

You control Mario, the little mushroom, as he overcomes many obstacles while continuing to sprint forward. Collect coins and complete objectives by engaging in acrobatic maneuvers such as twirls in the air and ingenious wall bounces. Discover the answer now and have fun playing Super Mario Run!

Learn the unique gameplay of Super Mario Run

In a gameplay style reminiscent of the original, the player takes control of Mario and must guide him through many dangerous environments before he can cross the finish line and win. The game will automatically progress with the characters running forward. The objective of the game is to let the player control the character to jump to escape the attack of monsters by touching the screen. The longer the player holds their finger on the screen, the higher the character will jump.

What is the game mode?

  • Remix 10: To get the reward of the Remix 10 level, players will need to complete 10 levels in a row, regardless of whether they win or lose. This opens an additional bonus screen. After a total of ten levels, the game will judge whether the player has completed the game or not. Collect the maximum number of coins of all seven colors for special rewards.
  • Tour: To rescue Princess Peach from Bowser, players will have to complete a total of 24 challenging levels spanning 6 different planets. The player needs to defeat Bowser on every fourth level of each planet to progress further in the game and get closer to the castle where Princess Peach is held.
  • Rally: Compete with other players in a rally. If you can collect more coins than your opponent, you can easily defeat them and take all their Toad Mushrooms.

How to use coins?

While you are running, don't forget to pick up and collect as many coins as you can. Coins earned playing the game can be used to build more modest structures that can be used to beautify the Mushroom kingdom and make it look just as adorable as before.

Control the character in the game

Use mouse to play this game.