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Stickman Party


About Stickman Party

Check out Stickman Party to participate in different mini-games with your friends. Attempt to win all mini-games and gain many points to become the victor.

In this game, you get an opportunity to attend different mini-games such as Tank Battle, Micro Racing, Soccer, Color Challenge, Stickman Run, and so on. Each mini-game has a distinct playing rule. For instance, The Soccer challenge requires you to kick the soccer ball into your opponent's goalposts as many times as possible to gain the highest score. In the Color Challenge, you will join the fight for territory. Expand your territory as large as possible to become the winner.

Your objective is to win 5 mini-games and get 5 points first. Do your best! Collect yellow boxes which contain power-ups. They will help you beat the game easily. Invite your friends to play the game with you now. If you are fond of this game, don't ignore other awesome games such as Electron Dash, Zombie Tsunami Online, and Short Ride on our website.

How to control


Player 1

Press the WAD keys to move

Press an S key to take action

Player 2

Press Up, Right and Left Arrow keys to move

Press a Down Arrow key to take action


Click the button on the screen to control the stickmen.