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Rocket Soccer Derby


Introducing Rocket Soccer Derby

This game released by Destruction Crew gives you the chance to play soccer online like never before. We are talking about playing with cars rather than playing with other people, this is definitely something new for you.

Your football racing prowess will be challenged with breathtaking visuals and surreal automotive dynamics for you to fully enjoy the fun of playing.

Prepare to drive your car into the soccer field and compete for the top title of football. You control your car like a real rocket, using smooth, ingenious movements. Join the competition to compete for the global title. Will you win the trophy and become the next successful Rocket Soccer Derby player?

Main function

  • New action car soccer experience
  • Real-time multiplayer (3 Vs 3 online team)
  • Tricks to enjoy dancing with your car
  • Scoring action!
  • Realistic vehicle damage and deformation
  • Custom car details
  • Seasonal tournament mode
  • Smooth car physics
  • Earn achievements and level up
  • Great graphics

How to play

Drive with WASD, switch to nitro, jump with space and press F to lock the camera on the ball. The team that scores more goals at the end of the game wins, that's easy! Go around the field to get the ball, drive it towards the opposing team's goal and hit the ball into the net to score!

Remember that as you progress and win more games, you will be able to buy better and newer vehicles to help you advance as a player.