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Red Ball 7


Find out the adventure in Red Ball 7

Start a new journey in Red Ball 7. Roll the ball and make it move; help it avoid obstacles along the way. Remember to collect stars along the way.

Our friend that ball has started a beautiful trip. To do this, our character needs your help to be able to go further without difficulty. Do you want to join this exciting adventure with red ball character and help your character?

Total levels and collect in-game coins

There are twelve levels in this game that need you to pass. Along the way you need to collect gems, encounter unusual creatures and keep moving along the way. Once you collect 5 gems you can finish your level and move on to a newer level. Be careful not to be trapped, defeated by monsters or hindered by obstacles if you want to succeed in each level.

You can also get extra lives, strength, health, and weapons in each level, all of which are useful during your travels. To boost the loot counter, collect as many coins as you can.

How to control the Red Ball

  • Use the left and right arrows to move
  • J for dance and double dance
  • W to switch weapons
  • Use mouse to shoot

In addition you need:

  • To catch all the stars move the red ball
  • Jump on the villains to defeat them
  • Avoid the moving lasers

Some features

  • Beautiful graphics and vivid scenery
  • Many levels and obstacles to overcome
  • 4 different worlds and stories
  • Total 12 different levels
  • Collect 5 gems to pass the level
  • Collect coins to improve power, life, weapons.