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Kogama Radiator Springs New Update


Join the game Kogama Radiator Springs New Update

You must have played car racing games, but have you ever thought about racing while sitting in Disney cars? Here you will experience the fun of this game.

There are many types of cars parked, just waiting for you to drive them around. This popular community contains a lot of fascinating places. You can go to a number of places, including hospitals and police stations. As a player, you can find expertly concealed stars in numerous structures throughout town.

What is your main mission?

The best feature of this Kodama racing game is the inclusion of Disney Frenchies vehicles, including the illustrious McQueen. The race in the car game will start when you choose a vehicle from the available choices. The biggest delivery problem will be having to navigate a racing car through congested city roads. Avoid accidents with cars and other vehicles if you want to race for a longer time in the core city of Kogama.

Remember that the main goal of this game is to win the race, not just drive your car around the city streets. You must always hold the gas pedal to do this. Overcoming hurdles and flying over them is the only way to beat these four-wheel drive vehicles.

Note when participating

Around you, you can see other players sitting in the driver's seat of various vehicles, such as large trucks or modern cars. By going to the car and pressing the E key, you can climb inside and start driving. Getting the car as soon as possible is a smart choice because driving is significantly faster than walking.

Driving can be deadly if you're not careful, just like in real life. Your character will be injured or worst, can lose his life if driving at high speed and colliding with objects. The health bar for your character appears at the top of the screen next to the number of stars they have accumulated.

The purpose of collecting stars

In addition, to access more sophisticated and advanced cars, you must obtain gold stars. In addition, these gold stars will help you level up Kogama.

Game control guide

  • To move and jump, press the spacebar while holding the WASD keys.
  • Rotate around with the mouse and fire the weapon by pressing LEFT MOUSE BUTTON.
  • To get in the car or get anything, press the E key.