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Join Runner Clash 3D


About Join Runner Clash 3D

Runner Clash 3D is a running game. Collect more members along the way, the more diamonds you have; avoid obstacles and people that are not of the same color.

You will have to participate in running activities in this thrilling adventure race which will keep you focused and encourage you to do your best until the finish line. Start moving with the signal gas and successfully complete your mission.

Find out the main content of the game

You will see the long road when you appear on the screen. First, your character's opponent and he will stand. All athletes move forward at the signal. Your protagonist will gradually increase their speed as they move down the track. You have to focus intently on the screen. There will be a series of challenges in your way. In addition, you will need to beat all your opponents. Many things can sometimes appear on the road. You will need to collect them. You will get acceleration or other benefits.

Your main goal is to develop your team by clashing with other teams of the same color. Your number of groups will decrease if you encounter groups of different colors. Observing the obstacles of the track is good. You get more diamonds as members eventually increase.

How to control

  • Use your mouse to move your army left or right
  • Gather the crowd as much as possible
  • Avoid the obstacles
  • Collect the keys
  • Avoid clash
  • Occupy the castle

Basic features of the game

  • Lots of unique levels
  • Difficult obstacles to overcome
  • Sharp graphics
  • Color explosion
  • Collect rewards and gifts