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About the game Intrusion

This is an exciting action game that is being joined and loved by many players at our site. You have to make your way through five amazing levels in the action platformer game Intrusion, featuring industrial complexes, speedboats and icy mountains. In this action-packed launch adventure, you have to battle hordes of soldiers, robots, and even helicopters from the past. Do you think you can finish it?

Intrusion game specs

  • Release date: September 11, 2012
  • Genre: Action game
  • Developer: Aleksey Abramenko
  • Platforms: Linux or Microsoft Windows
  • Publishers: Aleksey Abramenko, VAP games

Carry out the mission and raise the weapon cable

Being the last one standing when fighting countless enemies is all you need in this game as there are several enemies nearby that want to attack you. After that, the game allows you to buy more weapons, for a total of four types. Do your best to endure the Antarctic winter by taking whatever action is necessary.

In addition, you can run through many obstacles along the route that will hinder you, but do not panic; instead, focus your energies and the aggressor should try to control the situation as calmly as possible. Don't miss the fun that our game brings; it has a great review, so i bet you will love it. Good luck and success in completing your mission!

How to control

  • To move, you need to use the WASD or arrow keys
  • Use mouse to shoot and swap weapons with 1234.