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Hit Villains


About Hit Villains

This is your chance if you like fighting games and using weapons. Step inside this dangerous, crime-ridden city. Since bandits can attack you at any time, walking on these streets is extremely risky. Because you will have to fight countless enemies at once, be ready to fight with all your courage and strength.

Show your accuracy when shooting at enemies by targeting them in each level. To destroy the opponents, ninjas and some other bad guys you will encounter, use your wits to identify the target. Visit new locations, free prisoners and use unusual weapons like grenade launchers to defeat your enemies.

You will be given some bullets shown on the left side of the screen, don't waste your ammo. Try to knock them down with the number of bullets you already have, or you will have to play again.

The game is played on different platforms without downloading:

  • On PC
  • Mobile
  • Tablet


  • There are more than 20 different levels.
  • Addictive gameplay, simple gameplay.
  • Take the shooting challenge.
  • Collect coins to upgrade characters.

How to play?

Use the gun to shoot at the character in front of you.