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Getaway Shootout


About Getaway Shootout

You have to jump and eliminate every other opponent in this two-person shooter. On our website you can play this game online and for free, the game published by New Eich Games.

Choose your character and game mode

Choose the game mode and your character should come first. Your goal is to reach a fleeing target, such as a vehicle or plane, first. You have to jump to the last line while navigating obstacles with other players. Throughout your journey, collect weapons, rifles and explosives to use against your opponents. To unlock new avatars, collect coins.


At the end of each level, you must control a man to the helicopter using no more than three buttons to move your character. To win the race, collect all weapons and use them to shoot other opponents.

The race consists of a number of laps, each held in a different location. Pick up weapons and other upgrades as you come across them as you race to the finish line. As you near the finish line, use your weapons to attack other racers!

Game mode

Play single player mode or team up with a friend using the same keyboard. Choose a character, then start the game!


  • The jumping mechanism to move is challenging
  • Weapons and power-ups
  • Various racing locations
  • Discover many characters


  • After starting the race, you can only move by jumping left or right.
  • WER = player 1
  • IOP = player 2