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Dig Deep


Dig Deep brings you the fun in the world of gem mining. Use your shovel and start going around to mine resources, grow more by hiring more people.

How to play Dig Deep?

Prepare to meet Roger, the most famous miner in this world, who wears a blonde hair that creates a distinctive image. Get ready for a casual yet super fun mining game that will take you on an exciting ride. Join him and his team on a dangerous expedition deep beneath an old planet to harvest more gems and gold to become rich.

To play the game you need to use the mouse or slide to move. Your trusty iron shovel is the key to finding gems and diamonds as prizes. To improve your luck, keep digging deeper and collect as much wealth as you can. By adding more people, take things to the next level and increase your productivity.

The main outstanding features of the game

  • Dig and dredge the hole with a shovel.
  • Dig deeper holes by mining gems and earn cash.
  • Use HR to let you play idle.
  • Use power-ups to speed up the mining process or buy pets for ongoing support.
  • Stunning, vibrant graphics.
  • Simple controls.
  • There are many different missions for players to explore.
  • Create a monument to your success.

In short, this is an interesting entertainment game that is being loved by many players, for those who are passionate about the experience and especially experience the feeling of becoming rich in this Dig Deep game here. Grab your shovel and start becoming the gold and gems tycoon!