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Daily Dadish


About Daily Dadish

Play every level of Dadish every day, all the time, only here at our website! Take on the role of Dadish, a turnip father, your task will be to use various platforms and buildings that you encounter on the way to rescue the turnip kids waiting for you at the end of each level.

Almost 365 handcrafted levels are available. Each level is only playable for a limited time, so finish it as soon as you can. Help Dadish find his lost children once again by facing formidable enemies, unlocking awesome characters and more!

Note when playing

You will also be surrounded by enemies, obstacles and traps, so watch out for them. Get started now and take full advantage of the game.

Outstanding Features

  • Over 365 handcrafted levels to play all year round
  • There are 10 playable characters to unlock
  • Complete levels quickly to earn medals and stars
  • Rescue your children, and even a marsupial
  • Moderately funny dialogue
  • A rockin' track featuring remixes of classic Dadish tunes

Game control

To move and jump use the right and left arrows, space and bouncing pad. If you need to jump higher, you can also tap the bar twice.