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Cubes 2048.io


How to get the highest score in Cubes 2048.io?

We are happy to introduce this game to you at our website. Cubes 2048.io is considered a thinking game that will help you improve your skills and stimulate your calculation. This game is suitable for all ages especially students. So, let's get started and don't miss this exciting game!

Learn about this game, with its simple gameplay that allows you to attack and eat any number less, including your opponent's number if your opponent is smaller than you. At the same time, you need to watch out for bigger opponents who might be ready to drown you or take up most of the number blocks. If your opponent touches you, you lose. To put it simply, to improve the score, raise the sum of two integers, two blocks of the same number will combine into a larger block.

Some tips when playing

  • If your opponent's number block is smaller, you can cut through them and get them.
  • Take advantage of your speed to catch up with your opponents.
  • Escape when an opponent bigger than you appears to attack you.
  • The division symbol should be avoided as it will cut your number in half.
  • To increase your performance, use the available power.

How to play Cubes 2048.io?

You can play this game on your computer or mobile device.

On the computer:

  • Move mouse = change direction
  • Hold left click = speed up

On mobile devices:

  • Drag = move
  • Double tap = speed up


  • Multiplayer, competitive thinking game.
  • Combine game Snake and 2048.
  • Enhance your thinking.
  • Attractive gameplay.
  • Can be played on mobile devices or computers.