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Angry Birds Rio


Join and rescue the birds in Angry Birds Rio. The bad guy has locked the birds, and the other birds are very angry and determined to free their friends.

Play Angry Birds Rio

This is a video game version of the movie Rio and the game Angry Birds, created by Rovio, 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky. Played on the following platforms:

  • iOS, Android
  • Microsoft Windows, BlackBerry
  • Symbian OS, Windows Phone
  • WebOS
  • Mac OS, Classic Mac OS

The main characters of the game, the birds, are living happily together when disaster strikes again when they are captured. They were extremely angry and decided to fight and save their comrades after witnessing some birds being locked in iron cages by poachers. Join and help these birds so they can be set free.

Rescue the birds in the game

To free the birds from this terrible confinement is your main goal. To restore their ability to fly, you must remove all cages. Use a slingshot and various birds to take them to the target.

In the Angry Birds Rio version, the user must destroy structures to break the birdcage and release the trapped birds instead of destroying structures to kill the green pig. After that, the birds also have to join the fight with the marmosets to free the other birds.

Take the time to investigate each bird's injury potential as you'll find yellow, red, and other wounds here. You can easily remove almost any obstacle you see in your path if you know how to use them properly.

Control the game Angry Birds Rio

Use the mouse to launch the bird towards the target.